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August 8th 2017

New York Magazine- "What is the best stroller"

September 5, 2012

After quitting her high-profile Wall Street job in October 2013, Hoboken mom Anna Stanin began a stroller-cleaning service from home.

"People thought I was absolutely insane," said the entrepreneur with a laugh.

Sudsy Buggy a winner for this Hoboken entrepreneur

March 15, 2013

Roughly a year ago Hoboken mother, Anna Stanin, launched a unique baby carriage and car seat cleaning service. Ever since, business has been strolling in. Stains are no match for Sudsy Buggy and their organic products, like lemons mixed with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Anna’s two little helpers, daughters Gabriella, 5, and Victoria, 2, guarantee a job well done. For information on services visit

H Mag RAVE — Sudsy Buggy

On a steaming day in Hoboken, a blonde woman stands outside of her home washing baby strollers with a toothbrush. Cloudy water sits in a bowl besides her, and as she scrubs the upholstery, her head bobs to the beat.

Just a year earlier, Hoboken mom Anna Stanin was working at a high-profile job on Wall Street. She quit her job in October 2013, and shortly after, began a stroller-cleaning service from home.

Hoboken mom finds niche in cleaning nooks, crannies of baby gear

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