Jocelyn Picone DeNichilo

May 2015

What a great idea! I moved from Hoboken to the suburbs two years ago and my bugaboo developed mold while sitting in the garage. I recently heard through friends about Anna's service and boy was I so excited! Her service was exemplary and turn around time very quick. No more mold! It's like new. Thank you!

Elise Garfinkel

July 2015

Without a doubt Sudsy Buggy is the best cleaning service for all your baby needs!!! Both my stroller and car seats look brand new thanks to Sudsy Buggy!!! Thanks Anna:)

Danielle Kinder Perrotto, via Facebook

Hoboken, NJ

Thanks for making my stroller look brand new!

Kristin Greeley, via Facebook

Hoboken, NJ

I had a double stroller that probably should have been thrown away. Anna made it look brand new! Will definitely be back!

Jennifer Elizabeth Hill , via Facebook

Hoboken, NJ

Love Sudsy Buggy! Our stroller looks better than brand new and the customer service is over-the-top awesome! We are so happy with the service, and we will definitely use Sudsy Buggy again. Thank you! Thank you!

Laurie Riley Heins, via Facebook

Hoboken, NJ

Anna is a stroller cleaning wizard! My picked up and delivered to my door sparkling clean and like new within 24 hours! Great service and value! I highly recommend!

Lisa Teresi Petrella, via Facebook

Hoboken, NJ

Sudsy Buggy is the best! Anna picked up my items in the morning, and I had them back looking shiny and new in no time! I am looking forward to giving all of my strollers a spring clean very soon!

Jenny Berberich, via Facebook

Hoboken, NJ

Anna fit us in last minute to repair our stroller. She was accommodating, fun, and got
The job done. She was great to my two boys. What a joy to work with!

Corey, via Facebook

Hoboken, NJ

Pictures speak for themselves!! Thank you Anna! 

5* all the way!

Jennifer Williams Johnson, via Facebook

Hoboken, NJ

What a pleasant experience! From the pick up/drop off, to complimentary loaner strollers, Anna was a pleasure to work with, and my BOB looked like it did when we bought it almost 6 years ago! Thanks for making him SHINE!

Jenny, via Yelp

Hoboken, NJ

Just a joy to work with! She made time for us with little notice as our stroller needed immediate attention. What would have been a drag anywhere else with two kids under the age of four , turned into a fun filled outing. Sidewalk chalk and scooters while we waited. We will be back for sure. Thank you Anna!!

Laurie, via Yelp

Hoboken, NJ

Our 3-yr old stroller was headed to the dump as it was covered with food and sunblock stains and mildew from being kept outside, but on a whim I decided to try Sudsy Buggy to see if there was anyway it could be salvaged. Like magic my stroller was picked up and returned within 24-hours looking brand spanking new! Shiny, clean, and stain free! Great service, good value and Anna couldn't be more professional! I highly recommend!

Corey, via Yelp

Nutley, NJ

So here's the deal.  I thought I'd gave Anna her toughest challenge yet.  It was a double stroller (side by side) from a friend that 2 boys had for a number of years.  It was ripped, torn, and extremely dirty; not to mention bordering on unsafe!  And if my wife saw it before I bought it I'd be on the couch for months!  Instead I brought it over to Anne at Sudsy Buggy and she not only cleaned it, she fixed all the rips and had the 'buggy' in excellent working condition!  You can probably see the before and after on her facebook website; its the red city select! Thanks Anna, job well done!!

Hoboken Mom via Yelp

Hoboken, NJ

I had my 3 year old stroller cleaned at Sudsy Buggy and it looks

as good as new.  

Aside from the dust, dirt and grime that built up on the stroller

over the past few years the stroller had a number of year old

sunblock stains that I hadn't been able to get out  - all of that is


Also - they picked the stroller up and dropped it off at my house

which was nice.

I highly recommend this service - worth every penny.

-Hoboken Mom via Yelp

Hoboken Mom

Hoboken, NJ

My mildew-y running stroller that was stored outside for 3 years

now looks like new thanks to sudsy buggy. It was so bad I almost

threw it away but decided to try sudsy buggy.

Thank goodness I did as Anna spent several days scrubbing it

and then soaking it in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to take

all the years of yuck off of it. Fantastic.  

All the way through she kept me updated about her progress.

Can't recommend her service enough. Thanks!!!


Frances Sutterby

Hoboken, NJ

Very very happy with the service from Sudsy Buggy. Response time

to first query was less than 30 mins. They were able to co-ordinate

pick that evening and work on the stroller next day and I got it

back as soon as it was dry.

Great service, great communication, great end result.

Highly recommend!

-Frances Sutterby

Dana Yaxa Kelly

Add Date here

Anna is super talented at what she does! Thanks to her my

stroller is sparkling and looks brand new!


Dana Yaxa Kelly


Hoboken, NJ

Hello All, 

As I look at my now BEAUTIFUL stroller I just want to give

a quick shout

out for Sudsy Buggy! I just got it back from them and

they did an AWESOME job - it looks as good as new -

and I really like that they use all organic/natural products

- worth every penny.


Ailene McGuirk

Hoboken, NJ

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Anna of Sudsy Buggy.  

She cleaned our stroller on Monday and it looks fantastic!  

Anna is very detail oriented, and she was able to clean our

stroller the way I would have myself if I had time or space!



Thanks Anna!



-Ailene McGuirk


Erika Taurel

Manhattan, NY

Fantastic service. Very quick response after leaving an enquiry.

My stroller was a little mildew-y from outside storage and being

in a flooded basement but Anna spent several days scrubbing,

soaking and other treatments so that my stroller now looks almost

new. I never thought that would be possible.

Throughout the service Anna kept me informed about her progress.

Highly recommended if your stroller needs a refresh.

Erika Taurel


Hoboken, NJ

So today my son had a huge diaper blow up at the park!

Poop everywhere, pants shirt jacket bundle me my stroller

his sneakers..


As I was cleaning him up after I raced home from the

park I remembered seeing "sudsy buggy" written in chalk


other day by the park entrance.. So I googled and I called.

Anna answered and I told her I was having a bad day

and the diaper fiasco,how it was everywhere into stroller.

She told me bring it right over! So I did..

I dropped it off, she even took the bundle me and clothes

he had soiled and cleaned those for me too!

How awesome?! She offered me a fresh loaner carriage

but I had my sons push car so I was fine..

She said it'll be ready tomorrow

and I can pick it up or she will deliver it to me!


I'm so relieved and so happy with how amazing

she was and how helpful. She's a mother herself so

she's seen it all, and she made me feel very comfortable.

Just wanted to pass the word along to the moms on here.

Not only does she use all "green" organic products,

but she sanitizes everything as well. I want to have my

stroller cleaned at least twice a year so it's clean and fresh!

These strollers are so expensive, want to take good care

of it! :)

Hope everyone looks into Anna's services..

I'm truly happy with her!

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