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Full Services Include

  • 312 degree Professional Grade Steam Cleaning to kill germs and bacteria 

  • Frame & Base Hand Wash

  • Power Scrub & Washing

  • High Velocity Drying (to get any pesky odors out)

  • Full Detailing in the hard to reach areas (we have our little & big brushes ready)

  • Stain treatment for spills, spots, sunblock & more

  • Fabric Refresher

  • Stroller Wheel Detailing-includes scrubbing, air refill, and wheel shine.


Strollers & Car Seats


$15.00 daily

$60.00 weekly

$100.00 for 2 weeks

$150 monthly

Full Service Pricing

Standard Strollers


Single: $98.99

Double: $138.99 

Single (seat only) $.74.99

Double (seat only) $109.99

*Please do not bring frames when booking seat only appointments.

Micro Strollers

Single: $78.99

Stroller Wagons


Small wagon with no canopy: $99.99

Large wagon with a canopy: $124.99



Car Seats


Toddler Car Seat: $89.99

Infant Car Seat: $69.99

Doona Car Seat/Strollers $89.99

Booster Seat (bottom part only): $49.99


Baby Carriers: $39.99


Extra Seat or Stroller Bassinet: $49.99


Stroller Liners & Buntings (hand wash & sanitize): $20.00


Hair Removal from wheels:  $29.99



Mold Removal: (requires a week) $50.00- $150.00 



Deep Rust Treatment using potatoes & magic: $85.00







Yes, it is the same stroller!!

Dirty Strollers Baby Gear
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